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Hey, thanks for taking the time to know me more. I like listening to music and playing games on android. I am a tech freak and I enjoy flashing android roms, new linux distros work on wordpress plugins, joomla modules.

I believe in learning by experimenting. I started working on the linux and web around 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked on everything from GWBasic, COBOL, FORTRAN, dbase, c, Graphics and Print to Video Effects and Web Design. Along the journey, I was fortunate to meet some talented and helping people, who have taught me much.

So do you have an idea we can collaborate on? Have a look at my selected works on this site. Let me know if I can help you or you can use the contact form to just say hi. Have a great day! – email me@karthik.sg


I am Alagappan KARTHIKeyan an unix engineer working for IBM in Singapore Airlines. I am a singapore PR  residing in singapore since 1999. I am a siddha vidyarthi trying to lead such a life in this kaliyuga(modern world). I like singapore for its cleanliness and disciplined systematic services.

I have been fascinated by the many things that life has to offer . . .

The exhilaration of being alive in a century of amusement and wonders, the travails of human mind and heart, the ever puzzling multifaceted nature of the human spirit, the frontiers of technology, the call to build bridges to the Future, Well my fascination continues .

” Dream your own dream and follow your own star. There wouldn’t be a heaven full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one. There will always be dreams grander or humbler than your own but there will never be a dream exactly like your own. For you are unique and more wondrous than you know !”

” Do your best. There are no shortcuts on the way to a dream. So give all that you have to all that you do. And above all things, believe in yourself. This is all your dream asks of you… but this is everything.”

One does not forget the sweet memories that touch the very life that we are made of. The pleasant fragrance of the memory of a distant past ever so often fills the air that the soul breathes.

About India
Its been quite some time since I left my homeland – India… in search of a new future, new adventures abroad. Though I have been in touch with the events back home, there is this emerging distance between me and my memories.

A nostalgic intervention of an old pile of thoughts, old familiar faces, old love, old haunts Gosh… the sweet memories of a lifetime of adventure. When I go back home, I am not sure if all my favorite haunts will still be there, with times men and their motives change, so, it is in these treasured memories that I see what I like the most.
I remember my early days at school, It was a small borough with a closed society. There has been fear, anger, sorrow, and bountiful joy… the days when I refused to accept anything but good Grades… days of hardwork..

Almost always imbibed in me was this thought that every hardship on the way is an investment in to my future… The small school and the big lessons that I learnt there… are by my side to this day…

My Love
Talk of Love… Whatever men prefer to call it and however they Interpret it, to me it was my main motivation to succeed. The girl in my L(W)ife Lakshmi…She was my main motivator… to choose and to be chosen… ambitious confrontations, where the object of confrontation always was to succeed… the fragrance of those memories still linger.

We are all in Love throughout our Lifetime. Only the Object of Love changes, to some… it is money… to some it is Women… to some it is fame and Glory…with age the Object changes, but the love remains. One has to be a God, to tell us what are the real Success and Failures in this Life.

Whatever my Life’s work is, I have made it a point to make it worthwhile. These are the days, when I can fly a Cessna with some help, Plan for a vacation in Europe, think of building a lovely home… No matter what the Present and the Future hold for me…, enshrined in my heart are those imaginary homelands… and the old familiar faces…

My Life
There are times when I detach myself from my surroundings and self and review the events in my life neither with elation nor dejection but with a sense of mere suspension. We live but once … but many are the lives that we live and many are the acts that we perform … a son to a Father , father to a Son, Husband to a wife, Wife to a husband, brother to a sister, sister to a brother, friend to a friend … this and all the other things that we are … the lives that we live masked by delusions of grandeur, dressed in our finest attire we walk spiritedly towards a dream that is seemingly ever so unattainable and the Creator above smiles at us.

Beneath the facade lies the reality and beneath the masks that we wear, who gets to see the real us … maybe the Gods that we pray to. Look into the mirror, at times we see but a stranger…

To all the Wonderful people that ever so often cross my life … Wherever you are and whatever you are, the memories will linger long and hard. Good Luck for all your endeavors of intellect my mates,

“The Dreams that our lives are made of and the Life that I could have had if only I chose a different road to travel”
” A Winner is not who never fails, but one who NEVER QUITS ! “
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11 thoughts on “Karthik”

  1. hi karthik i am a singaporean i want my parents to get initiated in siddha vidya.. they are vegetarian and they dun carry any bad habits… dad 61 year old mum 49 year old… pls email back to me ur reply as soon as possible… saramages87@gmail.com

  2. hi karthick
    I m dineshkumar from tamilnadu. coming to Singapore next month. I don’t know much about singai. pl give general information if u have.

  3. Dear Mr. Karthik,
    How are you.? I never forget you. I came to your office one day but you have shifted somewhere not getting your new address.
    I want to discuss with you regarding my paintings.
    Thanks and regards

  4. Hi Karthik….I was very impressed by your philosophy towards this life and like you , I too have had my share of life’s many splendours and wonders.I am aspiring to be a linux expert though I have started late, but with a little bit of luck and God’s grace, I have managed to learn a little and now on my way towards software and the likes…just curious and wanted to see whether I could find a mentor , someone who shares interests and to communicate with and I came across your profile…keep in touch !!

    1. thanks ganesh, i saw your website, and impressed too, i may contact u if i need a custom theme for few of my wordpress sites.

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