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Cobra Softwares Inc


Cobra Softwares Inc

COBRA Softwares Pte Ltd is a Product development and IT services company offering wide range of solutions for various key verticals. Started in 21 Sep 2006.

The idea for the creation of our company has its roots in late 2006, when found hard to manage freelance developers for mission critical projects and the founders of the company, Alagappan Karthikeyan decided for a startup innovative IT company called COBRA Softwares, named after Grandmother, Wife, Sister names were Nagalakshmi, Nagammal and also based on ancient tamil community named Naagar who ruled whole asia.

Our Early Steps
Over the next few months, the company’s founders start working as a team undertaking a series of subcontracts in projects and ensure the resources needed for the foundation of the company and the viability of the first operation period. In September 2006 Cobra Softwares Pvt Ltd is formally founded, acquiring legal status, and within the first year of operation the company makes the money needed for the rental of the company’s offices in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, where the company is still locate

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