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FGE Control Pte Ltd

Advanced Software Engineer

Project Summary

Company : FGE Control Pte Ltd Position : Dev Ops Engineer Period : Dec 2017 – Nov 2021

Key Skills

Version Control Systems: Subversion, Git, Rational Team Concert, Perforce, ClearCase

Automation/Build Tools: Jenkins, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible,

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL

Virtualisation: VM Ware ESX/ESXi, Docker, Amazon AWS/EC2, Xen, Proxmox

Platforms: Linux and UNIX,Windows

Network/Infrastructure: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, AD, Private APN, NB-IOT

Description :

As a Dev Ops Engineer, Design and Deployed IT Infrasctructure for an NBIOT Project with SP

Group`s ERRM - Emergency Response and Remedy Management, Project named Gas Distribution

Monitoring & Control System. Its an Smart Nation Initiative Project.

Designed and Deployed POC Environment to Production with Windows and Linux Nodes, IIS Server,

MS SQL, Apache Tom Cat, MySQL, Postgresql with NB-IOT Hardware responding to centralised

server for monitoring and control of remote sites 64 Remote sites and Setup Vagrant Servers for


● Worked within the Cloud for integration processes.

● Performed DevOps for Linux and Windows platforms.

● Focused on automation and integration.

● Monitor developed applications and bugfixes..

● Wrote scripts and designed continualupdates.


FGE Control Pte Ltd
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